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Hey Mamas,


I’m Denise from London, Essex. I’m a mama to two and a wife to one.


My son, Elom is 12yrs and my daughter, Ayele is 7yrs  and my husband is Andre.


I love my family, friendships and my spiritual work and journey.


I also enjoy watching Romcoms and binging on Netflix 


My spiritual purpose is to empower busy mamas who are juggling life, feeling overwhelmed, fed up and feel like life is flying by and they are stuck and don’t feel like themselves anymore.


I guide them through their spiritual journey to become empowered and in control of their busy lives, learn how to deal with the feeling of overwhelm and realign so they feel like they are flying with life. 

I spent most of my 20s practicing Buddhism and developing my spiritual awareness.


When I had my son, I suffered from Post -Natal depression, I thought it was baby blues and sleep deprivation but I soon learnt this “baby blues” was not going away, it was getting worse.


The doctors prescribed medication which I choose not to take.


This is when my spiritual journey really started to deepen.


Through my Buddhism, Law of attraction, Angelic Reiki and countless hours and reading personal development books I was able to overcome my post-natal depression.


I learnt how to calm the feeling of overwhelm, I started to feel the spark return and have a passion for life again.


I learnt to fly with life not for life to fly by. 

I have overcome a great number of challenges in my life, I have stopped asking


Why me? and I now ask what lesson I need to learn from this situation.


My life journey and my unwavering dedication to growth and development have given me powerful tools to support others.


I have developed a powerful signature process which I use in my work.


I have developed this so that I can empower others to take back control and to bypass the challenges and the “how” that I struggled with.


To go from stuck to thriving and to being authentically and unapologetically them.