Awakening Your Feminine

Image by Ava Sol

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A 12-week group program where you will learn to connect with, understand and give life to your feminine energy through powerful techniques so that you can feel connected to your body, unconditionally love for yourself and others.


The 3 main awakenings 

  1. Connecting with your body through embodiment meditation

  2. Learn to trust yourself + let your intuition guide you

  3. Connect with your inner child to revel your inner treasures 


This is for you if…


You want to feel confident in yourself and more joyful and happy in life.

You want to reinvent yourself. 

You want to be your true authentic self and be able to express more of who you are with the confidence.

You want to create a simple but powerful daily spiritual practice that helps you tap into and maintain your new feminine essence

You want to understand and embody feminine energy so your body feels alive and free like flowing water.

You want to be surrounded by like-minded soul sisters who help you to step into this new you and embody that confidence.


What’s included?


12 x weekly 90-minute coaching + guided meditation sessions that will teach you how to connect more with your feminine side

Private “Soul sister circle” FB group with access to new soul sisters + weekday access to me for accountability, support + friendship as you step into this new you.

2 x 1:1  Intuitive card readings - channelled messages from spirit to guide you on awakening your feminine

Weekly Angelic Reiki healing 

Journaling prompts + Shadow work journal prompts to help you to move through your masculine, overcome old wounds and balance your masculine and feminine energy.

Tips and tricks to create a simple but powerful daily spiritual practice to tap into your new feminine essence.


Image by Ava Sol