The moon is your old friend, when you understand it and know how to lean on it, it won’t let you down.

During these meditations, you are using the moon’s magnetic power to remove the poison from hardships from the centre of your soul.


These meditations put you back in touch with your essence, realigns you, and helps rewire you. 

Each moon ceremony has a life and will of its own and is guided not only by the current season and astrological movements but also by those who attend.


Oracle Card Reading

Card reading is one of the many divination tools used to connect with our spiritual guides and angels.

I use my clairsentience to deliver messages.

The angels are constantly sending us messages but sometimes we are not paying attention or we talk ourselves out of the message we think we are receiving.

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

Angelic Reiki Healing & workshops

Angelic Reiki is a safe and natural way of treating any imbalances within the mind, body and spirit.


Angelic Reiki can be used together with orthodox medicine, holistic or with complementary therapies.


Angelic Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy is a specialist massage that uses smooth, flat, heated basalt stones that are positioned along your spine, in the palms of your hands, along your legs and between the toes.


Typically from river beds, basalt stones are used for massage as they have a rich iron content that retains heat.

I call in the angelic realm and they channel through me to send intuitively massage you.