Denise holds such a beautiful and peaceful space during the full moon meditation.

It's so wonderful to connect over zoom, have a personal card pulled and listen to Denise’s gorgeous words throughout the meditation. I can’t wait for the new moon mediation that Denise is holding.  


Louise G 

Denise’s meditations are really open-hearted and careful.

She opens a protective warm space where the connection is wonderful. I feel so rejuvenated and full afterwards. Really thankful to connect with her and her wonderful group of women!


Gabi E 

A couple of days ago I needed to take some time out and have a self-care morning. 

I went for an Angelic Hot Stone Massage with Denise Baka. This was incredible and my detox started almost immediately. Denise is magical and I highly recommend a session with her. 


Casca G 


I had a three-card reading from Denise and I loved it!

It is beautiful how well connected she is with her cards, she is able to deliver the message in a very clear way so I instantly related to it, and is trusting the intuitive message coming through. 


Alma H 




Denise thank you so much for the reading.

It really hit me with the number of positive things that were being pulled out.

Also when you said my challenge was to trust myself it left me nodding my head in affirmation as if anything that is one I don’t do. Everything that you mentioned related to me. The reading left me smiling and in a way relaxed.

Denise, you are wonderful and keep up the positive energy.


Katie E  



Denise is a gifted individual. 

I have never had cards read before, so I was unsure of what to expect.

I can honestly say, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Everything she spoke to me directly.

The guidance I received was totally in line with what was happening in my life.

She spoke so clearly and made sure that I understood what was being delivered, as to ensure clarity.

I cannot recommend Dee enough.

She is a blessed begin, gentle, in tune, fluid and open. 


Gloria S 



Denise reads and explains every step. She helps you set clear goals/intentions after your card reading. 

I felt the energy field change during the breaths before the cards were revealed. It’s a healing experience, safe and guided to face the next task ahead. 

Ellen V